Tuesday, November 8, 2011


This blog is intended to house posts by biograds on basically any science-related topic.  We're not picky about format: a photo and caption is just as good as a long essay on a paper that just got published.  Interesting multimedia efforts are encouraged.

Currently we are not officially affiliated with our university, but the blog has been suggested as a way to bring grad-generated content onto the department web site to help with recruitment of new grads and faculty.  The department is willing to link us and possibly feature our posts if:

(1) we want that to happen

(2) we sustain a productive community for some unspecified period of time

(3) we abide by common-sense policies of not using words inappropriate to network TV and not badmouthing the university/department

Everything about this blog is open to discussion, so if you have suggestions please post them in comments.  For now, my goal is to see if we can generate enough posts for a blog to make sense in the long term.  I have some ideas about a lab rota for providing content, but for now I'm just taking volunteers.  Our goal for the moment is two posts per week.  (Email submissions to kmpete.)  I hope we can make this both vibrant and informative!

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  1. Awesome, thanks for getting this off the ground. Go BioGrads!